Mechanical Car Park

ACE Parking

This is a multi-dimensional mechanical system which uses an elevated typed concept that offers higher space usage efficiency as it allows many parking levels over a minimum floor area. The build-in internal turntable, high speed elevator and efficient lateral transfer mechanism synergize to a quick and efficient system for parking and retrieval of cars. With relatively low running and maintenance cost, ACE Parking is ideal for deployment within high density build up area characterized by limited area, no manoeuvring space and low noise pollution tolerance.

EXCEL Parking

Excel Parking system is a fully computerised automatic parking system that is appropriate for small and medium sized buildings. It is a circulation parking system from Korea which uses PLC for sequencing control.

GRAND Parking

This is a highly efficient, quick and flexible modular mechanized parking system designed to enable automatic transfer of cars between lifts, transporting carts and parking slots over multi parking levels. Each module comprises of lift, turntable, cart-way and parking pallets. GRAND Parking can be configured in both rows and columns arrangement and be deployed above and below ground level. Combining multiple lifts and carts in multiple levels setting, GRAND Parking can support parking planning from tens to thousand cars.

Pit Stacker Parking

Our hydraulic car stacker systems double or triple the parking spaces of the existing car park. The car lift moves platforms up or down allowing independent parking and retrieving of cars. Steady operation, low noise, low operative speed and short time of parking. Save land area and take full use of underground space.Outdoor operational terminal.

Stacker Parking

Stacker system is a fully computerised automatic parking system.The vertical conveyor drives independently to move in a diagonal manner. It provides faster access time and quicker transportation. Ensure quicker transport.


Our Puzzle above ground is a mechanized parking technology that offers great flexibility and a variety of parking configuration, making efficient use of valuable floor space, which makes it perfect for small to medium scale deployment. Puzzle creates multiple entries on the ground level to be able to efficiently park as many vehicles as possible within its footprint.This system multiplies vertically (maximum 5 tiers), hence making it ideal for locations with small footprints. Puzzle above ground can also be deployed at both indoor and outdoor environment.

SMART Parking

This is a cost efficient mechanized parking system that will expand your parking capacity up to 8 times more. The system is a patented engineering solution that expands parking capacity vertically to free up valuable land space. With a minimal footprint of only 2 parking lots ( approx. 32sqm) you can expand your parking facilities to accommodate up to 16 cars. SMART Parking is the ideal mechanized parking system to increase your parking capacity given a tight and limited space constraint.


Our 360 degree turntable eliminates the need for huge turning radius and opens up a whole new dimension to space planning – especially in very tight corners or dead spaces.